Artist of the Month exhibition: Jan ten Broeke, "Ten’s Art"

Gallery on Main's "Artist of the Month" series features an exhibition of paintings by NJ-based artist Jan ten Broeke, on view April 1 through 30. Admission is free, and the artist’s works are available for purchase. 

Meet the artist at a free opening reception on Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

A prolific artist, throughout his career, Jan ten Broeke has been known and recognized by his simple nom de brosse (brush name), “Ten.”  Ten titles his work with his name and date of each work’s completion — as opposed to traditional, descriptive labels, which he believes confuses the viewer’s perception of his paintings rather than clarifies it.

Says Ten, whose professional background also includes working as a drug designer alongside some of the greatest minds in organic chemistry, “I have always been interested in exploring the scientific miracles of the natural universe, especially within the fragile biosphere that envelops Earth.  The paintings of the last decade draw inspiration from nature—including biological, geological, and astronomical phenomena—and anthropological and prehistoric artifacts. My work does not represent any reality as we see it, but attempts to demonstrate the experience of the forces essential to the continuity of life on Earth.”

Ten was an active member of the vibrant, revolutionary art scene that electrified Greenwich Village in the late ‘50s and ‘60s, where he earned the admiration and friendship of many of the scene’s most influential members. Although that dynamic era in art has sadly receded, Ten has had many domestic and international shows, honors, and awards, and he has consistently garnered enthusiastic praise for the entirely unique biomorphic, geomorphic, and metamorphic imaginings that he renders with perfect technique, brushwork, and style.

Ten’s first encounter with notoriety came on the day of his birth. His mother would often tell how he had entered this world in the wee hours of Pentecost Sunday morning. A severe thunderstorm was raging, and it would ravage the countryside of rural Marienberg, in the province Overijssel in the Netherlands, before the night was through. Within a mile of the ten Broeke family home, two heifers were struck by lightning and killed. Ten was born a blue baby gasping for air. A thin membranous veil—locally believed to signify the gift of second sight—covered his face. The gift conferred in lieu of the supernatural, however, was manifest from early childhood, in the form of his uncommon artistic skill and a profound understanding of—and reverence for—the wonders of the natural world.

Says Ten, “Ultimately, my mind, my eyes, and my hands are merely instruments in producing this work.  Despite knowing better, I do frequently experience the sensation that the work is not created by me, but through me.”

Ten and his wife, Barbara, live in the historic village of East Millstone, NJ, in a Dutch colonial farmhouse that was built in 1763. 


Images © Jan ten Broeke, used with permission.

Artist of the Month exhibition: Casey Lynch

Gallery on Main's "Artist of the Month" series features an exhibition of paintings by NJ-based artist Casey Lynch, on view March 1 through 30. Admission is free, and the artist’s works are available for purchase. 

 Meet the artist at a free opening reception on Saturday, Saturday, March 2, 2019 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

 A self-taught artist, Casey Lynch has been painting for a few years now. He says, “I use art to transcribe my anxieties about the world around me onto canvas, cardboard or whatever is around. I don’t finish a painting until it tells a story that I can understand. I mainly paint in acrylics but will use any methods or mediums to have each story be told.”

Images © Casey Lynch, used with permission.

Artist of the Month exhibition: Debra Fedchin

Gallery on Main's Artist of the Month series continues in February with photographs by Monroe, New Jersey-based artist Debra Fedchin. Says the Gallery’s co-owner, Shaun Daley, “Her unique perspective is something that must be seen in person to truly appreciate.”

 Meet the artist at a free opening reception on Saturday, February 2, 2019 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Debra’s work will be on view, and available for purchase, from February 1 through 28.

 Says Debra, "As a self-taught photographer from New Jersey, from the time I picked up my first Kodak Instamatic camera, I have enjoyed capturing moments in time. It truly turned into a life’s passion when I acquired a Minolta SRT-101 at the tender age of 18. My photographic work runs the gamut of photojournalism through fine art photography and has been displayed as a resident gallery artist, used in publishing as well as being featured in regional juried art shows. Some of my work has appeared in Travel & Leisure, Pennsylvania Magazine, and as a contributing artist for Arcangel images, my work has graced book covers and has been utilized for media in both the U.S. and Europe. Through my photography I strive to capture an image  that hopefully will bring to mind a pleasant remembrance long forgotten, or elicit a mood, as well as to offer you a glimpse of the ordinary to view its simple beauty that is often overlooked. My portfolio is diverse with glimpses of the somewhat unusual to the bucolic countryside."

Artist of the Month exhibition: Adrian Collazo

Gallery on Main's "Artist of the Month" series continues with an exhibition of paintings, photography, and mixed-media pieces by Bound Brook, New Jersey-based artist Adrian Collazo, on view January 2 through 30. Admission is free, and the artist’s works are available for purchase. 

Meet the artist at a free opening reception on Saturday, January 5, 2019 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Born in Somerville and raised in Bound Brook, Collazo credits his grandfather with being his first inspiration for art. “Whenever he came to visit from Puerto Rico I would watch him paint,” says Collazo. “While painting he would share his vision, his strong faith and his great sense of humor. Many times I would ask him to draw characters I liked on paper and I would always be so amazed at his ‘superpowers’.”

Collazo describes his youth and young adulthood as a difficult time, marked by self-doubt and fear of failure. “Growing up, the world looked very different to me. I didn't speak much, socialize with others or sign up for any extracurricular activities. Every day was a challenge to stay focused throughout my school years. I drew a lot…and I daydreamed about being a successful artist, doing what I love most and making a living out of it.” 

At age 14 he got into graphic design and digital photo editing, then after graduating from high school he began studying visual communications at Katherine Gibbs Institute and later started photography, which he viewed as a hobby. But for a number of years, he says, “All of my ambition burning within was extinguished by fear. Fear of not being ‘accepted,’ fear of being ‘judged,’ fear of not being ‘good enough.’ I became my own worst enemy.”

In 2015, another artist in his family inspired him further: His cousin Jerome Gonzalez, who invited Collazo to watch him learn graffiti art at Terracycle in Trenton. “I took many photos of (Jerome) and others and was so amazed. His art and everyone else's were so inspiring to witness. He commissioned me to do some photography and videography for his book Pothole. I purchased a few cans of spray paint and started some canvas art. My love for art started building up as I painted more and did some more research on Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vincent van Gogh and Henri Matisse. I picked a brush back up and found myself in early 2017 knowing this is what I was meant to do. Jerome gave me the strength and inspiration I needed to not only to be myself but to also establish something positive for my daughters.”

Sadly, during a 7-month period Collazo’s father passed away, he lost a job he had for 8 years, Jerome passed away, and he lost a woman he loved. He said, “Depression once again ruled my world, but this time I had a weapon that worked. Art became a necessity to get through rough times. The pain became more bearable since I was able to express myself…My goal is to always be a positive influence to others and inspire. Believe in yourself and push through all adversity.”

Artist of the Month exhibition: Louise Reeves

December 1 through 31, 2018

Gallery on Main's "Artist of the Month" series continues with an exhibition of photographs by North Brunswick, New Jersey-based artist Louise Reeves, on view December 1 through 31. Admission is free, and the artist’s works are available for purchase.

Meet the artist at a free opening reception on Saturday, December 8 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

An award-winning photographer whose work has been exhibited in galleries throughout New Jersey, Louise’s subjects of choice cover the various landscapes, architecture and rural vistas of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Tennessee, as well as classic cars and motorcycles. Her photography has been featured three times on Ovation TV as promotional commercials for the channel, including as the winner of their Art is Everywhere Initiative.

Says Louise, “I’ve been an artist since childhood and always imagined I would make my career as such. But as the saying goes, life is what happens when you’ve made other plans. After several dead-end jobs, I went back to school for Visual Communications (graphic design, etc.) and that is when I renewed my passion. I worked for a portrait studio as a designer and retoucher, and in my spare time I took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.”

She continued, “My design and retouching skills came into play in a big way and I began experimenting with different software and various approaches to transform my photographs. The results have paid off. My artist’s statement is simple: I shoot (photos of) things then I make them pretty.”

Louise’s work has been recognized with several awards, solo shows in East Brunswick and North Brunswick, participation in many galleries, a front-page story in Bordentown’s weekly newspaper, the Current. Known as the “Door Lady,” she has done popular door collage prints for Bordentown, Lambertville, Highland Park, Metuchen and Burlington. 

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The OFFICIAL List has been Announced: Gallery On Main in Somerville, is honored to announce that for the third consecutive year we were selected by Courier-News readers as THE BEST OF THE BEST for 2018 in two categories: BEST ART GALLERY and BEST ANTIQUE SHOP. A huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE who voted to give us this honor!

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Artist of the Month: Dana Edelson

Our Artist of the Month exhibition series continues with photographs by Dana Edelson.

Dana Edelson graduated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with a degree in Fine Arts. In her senior year, she landed an internship with the NBC-TV photography department, working with Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Upon graduation, she was offered a position as one of their still photographers. For the next sixteen years, Dana had the opportunity to offer her creativity in providing photography of hundreds of celebrities, and her portraits now line the walls of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. These photographs have been showcased on the cover of The New York Times, projected in the background of a Bee Gees concert, and exhibited in the heart of New York City on 5th Avenue.

When time allows, Dana, who lives in New York City, travels extensively and takes scenic shots in exotic locations. Her true passion is wildlife and nature, and she has always enjoyed documenting the beauty of the outdoors. This exhibition will focus primarily on images from Peru, Iceland, Spain, and Portugal. These locations are all vastly visually different but equally stunning.

Dana’s works, which are available for purchase, will be on view at Gallery on Main throughout November.

Artist of the Month exhibition: Jacqueline Keener

Opening reception: Friday, October 5, 2018 at 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Gallery on Main's "Artist of the Month" series continues with an exhibition of works by Princeton, New Jersey-based artist Jacqueline Keener, on view October 1 through 30. Admission is free, and the artist’s works are available for purchase.

Jacqueline, who studied fine arts at the University of Utah and whose work has been purchased by Utah’s Bountiful Historical Museum, works in a variety of media. 

She says, “Efforts to capture form and light with a minimum of brush strokes dominate my work, and dry-brush scumbling will always remain a favorite technique. Currently, I am exploring a minimalistic abstract approach on a very different substrate—wooden panels—and have incorporated the use of a variety of tools with cold wax and oils sticks. With an impassioned awareness, I continue to be inspired by the simplistic nuances and subtleties of all that nature and this world offer.

Jacqueline continues, “Those who are familiar with my work know that both as an artist and as an individual, I am in a constant state of exploration and discovery of the simplicity of form and line—drawn to the stark contrasts of black-and-white photography, the technical aspects of lithography, the intricacies of color and light, and the complexities of a variety of mediums.”

 Of her formative experience as an artist at the University of Utah, she says, “Much of the work focused on the traditional approach to painting on canvas by duplicating the Old Masters and drawing the human body. This foundation informed my approach as I delved into other techniques and genres.”

To learn more, visit Gallery on Main or call us at 908-722-4234.

Mural project in memory of Jerome Luis Gonzalez

The New Jersey art community, friends and family recently lost someone very near and dear to us: Jerome Luis Gonzalez. He passed away unexpectedly on 2/17/2018 at the age of only 44, while competing in an endurance run. Jerome was a beloved father of 2 young children, a son, a brother, a friend, a painter, a published author, an athlete, an advocate for the arts, a mentor, and a community leader. In the words of local journalist Rod Hirsch, Jerome was “the heart and soul of (Somerville’s) burgeoning downtown arts community,” and a true modern-day Renaissance man.

 In Jerome’s memory, Arts On Division, a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) corporation in Somerville, is organizing a mural in tribute to him. We invite and encourage you to be a part of it! You can do so by contributing directly to the fundraising campaign, or purchasing one of the prints mentioned below.

We are grateful to the Borough of Somerville for their support and encouragement with this project, which recognizes Jerome's positive impact on the community and how much he is missed.  We would also like to give a huge THANK YOU to Dimitrios "Jimmy" Stathatos, the owner of the PHOENIX CAFE, for graciously allowing us to put the mural on the side of his building.

To execute this project, we are seeking funds to cover the costs of the paint, materials and the insurance. The size of the mural is approximately 90 feet x 18 feet. We are looking to do this project in the coming months, and we will announce a start date when we can. The artists who will do the painting are donating their time and skills: Adrian Collazo (Jerome's cousin), Alex Medina (a.k.a. Elan Wonder) and Leon Rainbow, who have worked with Jerome on art projects in the past. 

Any funds exceeding this goal amount will go towards Jerome's children's education.

Two prints are available for purchase to support the mural project, with 100% of the proceeds going towards funding the project.

  •  A print of Jerome’s painting “Muhammad Ali, Eye of the Tiger.” For a donation of $25 or more, you can get your print at the ART ALL DAY festival on Saturday, September 15 on Division Street in Somerville, or anytime at Gallery on Main.

  • A portrait entitled “Jerome ‘Cuzo’ Gonzalez,” created by artist Alejandro (Alex) Medina, a.k.a. Elan Wonder. In tribute to his positivity, generous spirit and beautiful soul, an image of Jerome is surrounded by phrases he was known to embrace and live by, such as “Always give back,” “Love over hate,” “Work hard” and “Speak truth.” The 11" x 14" limited-edition prints, which are hand-signed by the artist, are available for $25 at

To make a donation or for additional details, visit

Thank you for your support and participation!