Artist of the Month exhibition: Jacqueline Keener

Opening reception: Friday, October 5, 2018 at 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Gallery on Main's "Artist of the Month" series continues with an exhibition of works by Princeton, New Jersey-based artist Jacqueline Keener, on view October 1 through 30. Admission is free, and the artist’s works are available for purchase.

Jacqueline, who studied fine arts at the University of Utah and whose work has been purchased by Utah’s Bountiful Historical Museum, works in a variety of media. 

She says, “Efforts to capture form and light with a minimum of brush strokes dominate my work, and dry-brush scumbling will always remain a favorite technique. Currently, I am exploring a minimalistic abstract approach on a very different substrate—wooden panels—and have incorporated the use of a variety of tools with cold wax and oils sticks. With an impassioned awareness, I continue to be inspired by the simplistic nuances and subtleties of all that nature and this world offer.

Jacqueline continues, “Those who are familiar with my work know that both as an artist and as an individual, I am in a constant state of exploration and discovery of the simplicity of form and line—drawn to the stark contrasts of black-and-white photography, the technical aspects of lithography, the intricacies of color and light, and the complexities of a variety of mediums.”

 Of her formative experience as an artist at the University of Utah, she says, “Much of the work focused on the traditional approach to painting on canvas by duplicating the Old Masters and drawing the human body. This foundation informed my approach as I delved into other techniques and genres.”

To learn more, visit Gallery on Main or call us at 908-722-4234.